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Simple SQL connection string creation. 7/26 4:29A OriginalGriff
Did you know that Windows provides a built in way to build SQL connection strings for you? Neither did I ... until I found UDL files.

The Morning Brew #2391

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 7/25 8:50P Chris Alcock
Software .NET Framework July 2017 Quality Update Rich Lander Information Redis InMemory Cache in MVC Core Gary Woodfine Customising ASP.NET Core Identity EF Core...

Bulk import git repositories into VSTS/TFS 7/25 2:26P Gordon Beeming (RSA)
With the rate that the VSTS team releases with all the features they releasing it's hard to know everything that exists in VSTS. I recently needed to migrate git repos from...

Demystifying and Simplifying MVC Frameworks 7/25 3:22A Sharp Ninja
MVC as a design pattern has been strongly defined by the Gang of Four, but in recent years it's been hijacked as a marketing term more than a design pattern. This article aims...

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