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Amateur web developers can now look to Mavo

InfoWorld 5/25 1:01P Paul Krill
Mavo, a tool to turn static HTML into reactive web applications without programming code or a server back end, has just moved to the beta stage.

Google's new TPUs are here to accelerate AI training

InfoWorld 5/17 7:14A Blair Hanley Frank
The tech giant has begun deploying the second version of its Tensor Processing Unit, a specialized chip meant to accelerate machine learning applications, company CEO Sundar...

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RailsConf 2017: a round-up

Google App Engine Blog 5/25 5:53A GCP Team
By Aja Hammerly, Developer Advocate A few weeks ago the Google Cloud Ruby team attended RailsConf in Phoenix, Arizona. RailsConf is one of the largest conferences for Ruby...

New – Cost Allocation for EBS Snapshots

Amazon Web Services Blog 5/23 7:01A Jeff Barr
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) allows you to create persistent block storage volumes for your Amazon EC2 instances. The volumes offer consistent, low-latency performance and a choice of volume...

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